Setup failed, Hub blinks between cyan and blue forever

I’m trying to setup my new station. After entering name and location, the app keeps ‘loading’ forever. Most of the time the hub is blinking between cyan and blue. After a long, very long, wait it goes to red, yellow and then back to blinking cyan and blue.
Nothing happens. But when I turn bluetooth at the phone off, the hub’s leds jumps immediatly to yellow. So, there is some connection going on.

This is on android 8.0, bluetooth on, location on, location permission for this app on, freshly rebooted phone.

I got a tiny bit further by using my very old galaxyS5, running android 6.0. It also doesn’t connect, but I’m not sure if it is even capable of connecting. Anyway I’m no longer in the endless loop, I could even add wifi, but when I try to add a device (on my relatively new sony xperia xz2 compact) it tells me, that it is trying to connect to the hub. After a while the light on the hub starts blinking between cyan and blue, and the app tells me it is trying to locate the device.

Of course I temporarely removed the batteries from the air. After reinserting it blinks a few times green, turns into solid green and goes off. The app on the other hand keeps telling me to wait while it is locating the device… forever.

all in all not a very pleasant experience so far.

I first couldn’t find a reset button, on the air, so the only thing I did was removing batteries and try again. It turns out the led light IS the button, that helped and it is working now.