Siting Method for the SKY

Based on the recent update 23. I am starting to plan and ready the site for the placement of the Sky. I don’t want site issues to dog me once the long wait is over.

I have a good location planned, away from buildings and trees, no obstructions for wind and sun. I am planning on using a stick of 1-inch rigid conduit as the ‘tower’, set in the ground inside another conduit to facilitate the changing of batteries without using ladders. I estimate about a 7 or 8-foot ground clearance with the setup. My concern is the possible vibration and oscillation of the stick of conduit in the wind. If necessary, I can shim the base into the ground receiver to eliminate any oscillation from the mounting base.

Am I overthinking the influence of the ‘tower’ vibration and oscillation on the Sky’s measurements?


Good plan to reduce or eliminate as much vibration/oscillation/knocking in your SKY pole/tower mount as possible.


This stuff is what they were recommending on the Indiegogo web site for a mast:

Usual rule of thumb for antenna masts is to use guy wires after 20 feet high…


Thick wall conduit should be fine, that is what I am using. But I would suspect you will get some swaying and possible vibration with a 7-8’ height without any guy wires or other stabilizing device. The rain sensor is sensitive to vibration so you want to eliminate that as much as possible.

Mine is sunk 2’ into the ground, is attached to the overhang at the peak of my roof. It then extends 5’ above the roof. Maybe not ideal height above the roof but the wind speed has been consistent with my other weather station. I have not had any problems with vibration.