Sky on Carbon Pole - Lightning Risk?

Just trying to move my Sky to the roof - I have two options:

  1. Use a carbon fibre panoramic pole i have ( - easy to get up and down and thus replace batteries. I am however worried that a carbon fibre rod, higher than the roof presents a danger in terms of lightning and the house.

  2. Put it on the top of the aerial mast - this will involve getting someone out ever year when the batteries need changing as the roof is not easy to climb up to.

Any thoughts would be great,


i used to sell similar carbon telescopic poles to ham radio enthusiasts who wanted a portable mast for erecting lightweight antennas. however i seem to recall they were bendable that may give you an issue with poor rain readings.

i know your saying changing batteries is inconvenient for you but all weather hardware needs some form of regular servicing be it cleaning or replacement parts etc…

can you not use the side of house or apex to mount a support that is accessible via a ladder when i lived in the uk in my youth this was always our preferred method however i lived in a relatively low height 4 bedroomed house .

running the sky in power save mode you will,expect two years from the recommended energizer lithium batteries .


Thanks for the thoughts - I am going for the side mount so its accessible. I did try the carbon pole but it wobbled and kind of looked out of place, also not sure the neighbours would have approved.

I’ll put a pic on the other thread once its up,


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