Snow Day in United States

How many of you are getting snow today?


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We had a hard frost here in New York state this morning…

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Had 6 inches in Chicago on Saturday, it was all melted by 4 on Sunday. Now rain all week.

It must be all that global cooling.


Global weather and climate is independent from local anomalies.


Gary, better you than me. :wink:

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I missed it as I’m currently in Saigon where it is either hot or hotter. I really like visiting family but I sure do miss cool weather.

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I’m in Saigon where one takes a hot shower just to cool off and I am told it’s snowing in Denver. What the heck is going on with this weather?

When Denver’s climate changes to that of Saigon’s, I’ll begin to take Al Gore seriously. :wink:


Vietnam is particularly hot this year. That in itself is a shift. Colorado is particularly cold this month and that is a shift.

Not at all unexpected as the climate change is in fact a natural phenomenon but geez, I can’t be in the right city at the right time.

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Let me know where you plan to take a vacation next year and I’ll avoid that area. :slight_smile:


My favorite city to visit.

Where the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

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I used to love SF too, but the scenes I’m now seeing from that city have made me scratch it off my list. Needles in the streets, ‘tent cities’ set up all over the place, no thanks. What a shame. :frowning:

85 in Seattle and it hasn’t rained in 17 days. That’s 15 degrees above normal and 6 weeks+ early hitting the dry season. Gonna be water restrictions by July it seems…

Certainly a year for changing weather. I just checked the Colorado snowpack for this winter and for most it’s good news. We will have plenty of water to send to states west. The bad news, it means flooding in some areas. For me it means plenty of cheap water.


And as always, weather changes. Some years a bounty of hurricanes and other years a dearth. Here in N.Y. some years we get tons of snow and others barely any.

That’s what makes weather fun!

The weather at my house is severely broken.

@dsj Can you fix this? It’s crazy but I’m looking forward to playing in it.


FYI, today’s high in Denver is forecast to be 38 F, according to the talking head on NYC TV this morning. Be careful that you don’t get sick coming from the sauna in Vietnam to the freezer in Denver today…


I’d like to say I’ve been taking cold showers to get ready but a cold shower here is water at 78° F. I just looked at the cameras at home and it’s snowing, again.

Maybe I can make snow angels when I get there. I should hit Denver by 1:30 PM Wednesday.

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Bummer. Landed in Japan and I see the snow has mostly melted at my house. I constantly miss the good stuff.