Vietnam ... lovely hot ;-)

@dsj Saigon gets a lot of extremely heavy rains, often enough rain to cause flooding on a daily basis. I have nothing to compare the Sky to but the data for station 6962 is there for you to examine. Today was a very heavy rain.


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gosh, lovely with those temps I see. No need to take a shower, you’re soaked anyway.

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I take hot showers just to cool off. The water here comes out Warm or Hot. There is no Cool.

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I bet if you stop moving for 10 minutes you’ll start to get mold and/or fungus growing on you. :wink:

The good news is that you can only get so wet…the rest runs off;-)

But one quickly reaches 99% saturation.

Then one takes a shower to dry off.

I go through 3 of these a day. They do a great job but it’s still too wet here.’s-Cool-Tee%2C-2-pack.product.100482260.html