Tempest now on RadarOmega radar app:

We can now add our stations to the RadarOmega radar app as see here


How do we add tempest to radar omega?

Can someone tell me the steps to add radar omega to tempest? Since it’s a pay app I want to make sure it can be done without any problems.

@palmhead5 It’s very easy, I did a screenshot of here of the steps to do it:


How do you get to this screen?

Hello is there another way to get tempest on radar omega without doing copy and paste? I don’t have that option to copy and paste. Thanks

I think you can only cut and paste the API key from the tempest app to the RO app. That’s how I was able to do it.

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Do you have to do this from a desktop computer?

I downloaded the app but without any subscriptions. Still hoping I can get my tempest loaded on the app.

I think you just need the basic subscription. The lowest one and you will see a option to add a device

You have to click on the my devices under the menu then click add device.

Im surprised that there aren’t more tempests on radar omega. There are only three of them in the entire United States and mine is one them.

The info layout and graphs is an awesome setup by radar imega.

Yeah I like the layout as well.

I added mine and it says added but I don’t see it on the map. When I click my devices it shows there but there is a picture of an eyeball with a line through it like a do not enter. Any thoughts?

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@isobar5 I recently added my tempest into their integrated app system and it was showing on the map up until this last week. I attempted to delete my station and enter it again but it still didn’t show up. I too have a eyeball with a slash through it and a red dot next to the station name. I currently have an email into radar omega tech support to see what they say.

@slummer90 is your station still showing on the app map?

Mine has quit working too, not sure if its an api key issue or what yet.

I sent radar omega an email and i didnt get a response back but i noticed today my station is back on the map. I dont know if others have their stations back up. The red dot that was on my station listed under “My devices” is green now.

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How long does it typically take for my device to show up and change from a red indicator to green?

Welcome! I couldnt tell you as there was issues when i first entered it into their system. I would say if its more than a day, i would send Radar omega a tech support email.

Thank you. It’s still not showing, I’ll reach out to them later today.