Tempest Public Page Not Displaying

I checked an my public data is supposed to be shared. But when you browse my public Tempest page, it says “You have reached the station owner’s personal weather page. Real-time data is not currently available on this page. To access this weather station’s data right now, choose from the options below:” then it gives several links to Sailflow, Windsurf, etc. and the option to get a “Plus Membership”. Does anyone know why my public data has been shut off? Thanks!

Care to share the link??? :wink:

The most likely cause is that the web page was viewed too many times - there’s an undocumented limit, apparently, that has been discussed previously.

Has the URL been posted anywhere, or is anything loading it automatically?

I was loading it to an OBS streaming broadcast, hitting it and refreshing the dashboard every 5 minutes. I wish they would allow us to pay to display the feed and not just shut it off.

ASCII and ye shall receive…


Thanks. Problem is I just bought the normal one. Wondering if they’ll let us upgrade. I’ll have to ask. Mean while, I had ChatGPT write a script to retrieve my data and display it. So far I have everything working except for rainRate and accumulatedRain, which aren’t being retrieved. I also have to convert the pressure units. Then change the coloring. It won’t be as pretty as Tempest’s personal site, but it will do for now. I can add it to my OBS streaming template and then it’ll be on my Youtube weathercam feed.

Also need to figure out how to convert wind direction from degrees to N, S, E, W, etc.

Got it a lot better. Automatically retrieving from the API every five minutes for my weather cam live stream. Converted C to F, added Wind Direction, Wind Gust, converted Barometric pressure from millibars to inHG, added Heat Index, Rain Rate, Accumulated Rain, and Lightening strikes last 3 hours.

Very basic formatting. Plan to gradually improved formatting. But very happy with the API retrieval. And ChatGPT showing me how to do it, lol.

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