Tracking a package

Does anybody knows what happens by following a package ? Is a replacement for the sky sent by USPS is the tracking lost somewhere whenits shipped to the Netherlands / Europe ?
I ve this number LJ583733376US

transfers to your local postal service not courier type or whatever the agreed method is between USPS and standard service in your country.

enter LJ583733376US into your local postal service tracking facility if is available

I’ve had zero luck getting a US package that was insured getting my money back. Everything is done online with almost no one to talk to. Filing a claim is just jumping thru hoops taking weeks to finally speaking to someone to no avail. I will never ever use USPS again. UPS is the way to go.

yes i know that feeling i had a package from weatherflow earlier this year via USPS sit in a depot in miami for 6- 8 weeks then miraculously some 11 weeks after despatch it turns up in our customs in turkey with a $55 charge on it… not weatherflow fault as mr @dsj tried numerous times to talk to someone human… sometimes you just have cut your losses

I ve no idea what they use DHL … * dont thinks its lost will wait some days

unlikely its a commercial service like dhl or ups unless agreed etc normally transfers to local postal service in your case dutch postal services postnl ?

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Just looked up but nothing found , I think some guy or girl in Floruda Miami is playing with it :shushing_face: well we wait thanks Brian.

Per the USPS package-tracking site:

Your item was processed through our MIAMI FL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER facility on December 13, 2019 at 5:13 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination. Status updates beyond the United States are only available for select countries. For more information, review the list of eligible countries at Redirect to Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International FAQ page .

From one of the third-party package trackers on the web, it appears to be in transit between Miami and Hauge’s International Processing Center. Whether that is by airplane, carrier pigeon, or a carbon-friendly sailboat is another question. Once it arrives at the Hague IPC and clears customs, I’m sure that it will show up in the PostNL system since the tracking number you have is looks like their format and not a USPS number…

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Thanks for your investigations, there is no airport in The Hague only the Dutch government :thinking:i think it will be dropped from a slee a vehicle driven by reindeers nearby Amsterdam :blush:

continues with postnl. They’ll soon have that tracking going for you. But because it is almost Christmas, they will be very busy. It might be delayed. And it has pass customs first.


Gretta is growing it across the ocean.


I have been using this site for years. I have tracked packages to and from many counties. And I buy a ton of crap from Ebay and Amazon.

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I had a replacement SOL via USPS but was able to track it via USPS even in The Netherlands. I even got email updates of USPS when the package was at Amsterdam, and when it was delevired.

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You can also use this

…which was the site that told me that it was en-route to “Hague International Mail Centre” in my post above…

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Thanks to all !! I ll wait a few days


Thanks crew of Weatherflow my repaced sky Works fine arrived yesterday delivered at my house. Easy setup also thanks for support the spa needed no replace was still funcioning so happy hollidays and merry christmas to the weatherflow people and ofcourse to all on this forum from The Netherlands


Many thanks to the WF team.
I received my replacement Sky and SOL yesterday.
Gonna put this baby up today.

Also I noticed that the Sky surface in the Sonic anemometer is much different from my old one.

Is that the special coating against rain building up?

Have a Nice holiday to all WF team and Forum members.


yep, that’s a special coating helping to avoid false wind readings by rain accumulation on the plate. It’s not 100% but it helps quite a bit

remember a new unit needs to calibrate, don’t be surprised the first hours, let it run. Have fun :slight_smile:


Thank you Eric. :blush::+1:

I will let the Sky do its job.
For sure I’m gonna have fun. :grinning: