Tracking Additional Meteorological Variables

I’m wondering if there are any plans to allow for real-time graphical tracking of other meteorological variables that my sensors are already tracking. Things like Station Pressure, Wind Chill, or Heat Index. Seems straight forward as these variables are available, but only in the instantaneous list display. It would be nice to see what my coldest wind chill or hottest heat index was on any particular day at specific times

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WF has stated on numerous occasions that any reporting beyond what’s in the apps/web are the realm of third-party developers. Just about any one of the third-party apps below will probably do what you want:


Ok then, how about the ability to display multiple graphs on one screen and being able to quere them all at once. This is similar to the graphical display on Weather Underground, but that data is only five-minute, it would be nice to see the one-minute. Makes it easy to identify temperature spikes associated with wind or pressure drops associated with frontal passages.

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As said Vreihen, it is possible but you’ll have to use a third party solution. Wf will most probably not go much further with the provided apps.


I understand what you’re saying, but if we don’t ask, I can guarantee they won’t go further.

I’d suggest these requests, though reasonable, aren’t adding much until WF lets us put in feature requests via some public request system. The answer is pretty much ‘naaah’ regarding messing with the app at this point.

Again it is possible to write your own programs even on mobile devices. For now WF has other things to attend (rain calibration etc). They stated several times that the app is meant for the lambda user and not the expert, thestation is not targeted for experts. Yes many of us are already way above lambda … but up to us to bring it to our level. Don’t always expect others to solve your problem/wish :wink: did for Android and iPhone … @GaryFunk is developing a fully local and autonomous version based on a Raspberry @Weather34 did some great template that works with MeteoBridge, @vreihen wrote a pluging for weewx etc etc …


With all due respect @eric , I don’t “expect” anything. I was simply asking the question if there were plans for any of this because, as a meteorologist, I thought they could be useful. There aren’t any plans, I get it, I won’t ask again.

Eric, you’re not the only one looking for more detailed data :sunglasses:

Why don’t you all come together in a thread, think over what you all love to have and get a place on GitHub or alike and make it a group work ? Might be the beginning of a very impressive and fun project ??? For sure several will have coding skills, some graphic skills and some debugging skills …


Let me just say that the message @eric wrote sounds different than his intended tone.

As for asking for features, don’t stop. Your request is a good feature and has merit.


Hi @eric.guill25

I dabbled with google sheets and have been experimenting with it more since my posts. I have the impression no one else is trying it. It has lots of limitations and minor issues to work around but I still think it is an option that will provide individuals with exactly the graphs they want or the calculated values you mentioned. I can see a way around the 2000 row limit which puts most people off. The discussion is here:

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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I ftp all my data to a web site using Weather Display. It then shows all the data and history. … I just moved the site today and it should start resolving by tomorrow.

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We have added the request to our internal product backlog for consideration in a future release.

Thanks again.