Tree Frogs in Sky Wind Sensor

I still need to find a better/higher location for my Sky unit, but for now it is 6’ off the ground. I noticed that our tree frogs here in Florida find the shade of the wind sensor to be a nice escape from the heat. Any thoughts on keeping them out? It is tough to tell how much it is impacting the wind sensor. It is still sensing the wind at least.



for sure the reading coming from the ‘frog’ side will be wrong …

if it works ? Just open your app, blow in there and see if it reacts … but as the flow can’t go freely and to some extend the sensors are not calibrated for that … not to sure if what you see is what is real :wink:

time to move the sky to some higher ground …

Brine solution??? :thinking:


That’s so awesome thanks for sharing. :+1::rofl:

Guess he thought what a nice, clean mushroom to move into🍄 those little suckers stick to anything!!

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Today’s episode is brought to you by the letter “W”. It’s not easy being green. Kind of a universal problem, I once had one take up residence in my Cocorahs gauge.

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