Two Sky’s with IFTTT

I’m testing two Sky’s on the same hub but IFTTT only reports the first one. Is there a way to get data from both?

Or is there another easy way to get all the data into a spreadsheet? I see Gary Funk has written code for a PI that dumps to a database.

In addition, is it possible to pull historical data from the weather flow servers?

For those interested here is data I manually pulled from the Weatherflow app graphs.

Both Skies respond in a similar way, good R square but Sky2 reads double Sky1. Sky2 is very close to what I’m measuring with a manual rain gauge and other stations around me. Sky1 has been in place for 3 days, while sky2 has been up 20 hours. So it’s early days yet.

Thanks, Peter

Not at this tme.

There is no easy way but it can be pulled from a database table and written to an Excel sheet.

Yes. I am working on code to pull old data and populate WFArchiver tables. Let me know if you care to test.

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Thanks Gary, I would like to test your code.