Two Smart Weather Stations at Same Location

I have two Smart Weather Stations that are connected to two different wifi networks at my home. Each station has the Sky and Air modules with station specific names so I can tell which module is connected to which station. The problem I am having is that when i change from one station to the other and look at the current weather conditions the same modules keep showing up. They are not changing to fit the correct station. So if Station A with Modules 1 and 2 and Station B with Modules 3 and 4 are being used and I change from Station A to Station B the modules that appear in the weather app are the ones for Station A not B. Any thoughts as to what might be done. I really do not want to remove either station.

What happens if you use the web interface? If it works fine there, the problem is with the app. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It has been a long time since I last saw that issue.

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Thank you. It was the iPad App. One more question, is there any conflict if I place both stations on the same wifi network? I do actually have two wifi networks from two different providers but one is much slower than the other one. The 1G network provides a much stronger and reliable signal to the stations. If it is permissible to use the same network without conflict then can I simply go into settings and set the wifi network for the one that I want.

Ronald Johnston

No problem having multiple WF stations on the same network. Just unplug the hub of the station you aren’t changing while you update the settings of the other one. The SKY and AIR will store an hour or so of data and will send it to the hub when you power it back up.

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Hello David, I have thought of one more question. Is the any problem with mounting the Air Module on the same mount as the Air Module for my other station. The Air Modules would be within a foot of each other on the mounting pole. Thanks

should work ok, I have 2 in the same stevenson shield, +/- 30 cm apart.

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Like @eric said, should be no problem. I have my mobile AIR right next to my home AIR when I’m not camping and it works fine.

I have mounted 3 Air Modules directly in contact to each other in a triangle configuration and have no issues regarding data transmission, if this was what you worried about.
You have to think about the directions (i.e. not to cover the ventilation opening) but this are measurement value issues :wink: .