Two tempest units on single hub with mixed configuration

Sounds confusing but the set up is as follows:

TEMPEST 1 mounted high on tower for best wind free of shadows. We want the app to show ONLY Wind Speed, Direction, Lightning and UV.

TEMPEST 2 mounted on pole at 2 meters above ground. We want the app to show ONLY Temperature, Relative Humidity / Dewpoint, Barometric Pressure, and Rainfall.

The unit on the tower reads higher temps in calm conditions because the air is actually warmer. The rainfall is triggered by winds above 15 mph due to the mast/tower resonances. In other words, it sings. Just doing this, for example will create EXTREME RAIN events after a few pew pews! :smiley:

So even though I really don’t want to buy another (TEMPEST) unit to mount on the ground, I’d like to split them for best results.

How is this done?

You contact support using the link at the top of this page.
You tell them which tempest that you would like to display which values on your stations display.
You might also include solar radiation from the high sensor.
Personally I find that during hot days with wind my multiple sensors usually record lower temperatures above the roof than in my Stevenson screen, and there are several possible reasons.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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