Unable to integrate with WU

Hello, I’ve had my Tempst up and running for a couple months. I have tried many times to integrate with WU. I’ve deleted and started over severlatzime. Also I previously had a Acuright station on WU. Is it possible I need to purge old data, reboot, reset or something?
Very frustrating!
Thanks for any help

What specific difficulty are you having? I have both a Davis Vantage Pro 2 and my Tempest sending data to WU.

I get the key etc the device is added with all the correct info but the Red Dot and “Off Line” indicating no connection remains for as long as I wait for many days before trying again.

I’m assuming that you have turned on Share Public Data, added the device to WU, etc.? You may need to reach out to WU for assitance. It did take mine a couple of days to start showing up on WU.

Yes, I did that. And I’ve left it for days before trying again.
I just noticed the API menu where you can set an API code, and I did. Not sure if this is an essential step to achieve integration. We’ll see what happens, if anything.