UV Index on Tempest is stuck (solved with reboot)

I am a brand new Tempest WeatherStation user. The UV index seemed to work fine and read correctly for the first 8 hours, but has now been stuck at a reading of 4.8 for the last 18 hours including overnight. I am using an iPhone 11 Max Pro, iOS 13.5.


In the app, go to Settings, Stations, station name, Status and look for the Sensor Status. What does it read?


My Tempest had the same issue 3 weeks ago. You can try a reboot or ask @eric to give it a remote reboot if it’s not easily accessed. A remote reboot fixed it for me and it’s been fine since.


I checked the sensor status as you suggested and It reads “OK”

How do I specifically reboot the Tempest itself in order to correct the UV index error? Literally just turn it off and on or something like that?

hello kn4rd and welcome to the community

I just gave the order so it will reboot in a few, just let it do. Hopefully it solves your stuck UV. If not let us know and we’ll try to see more.


Thank you, I very much appreciate it!

Thank you, everyone! My system (and UV index) after reboot works great!


@eric could you remotely reboot my station, UV is not working. Thank you.

Welcome to the Weatherflow community wjones.5385,

If you look at your detailed station page you will see

Even a reboot didn’t solve that. I can’t do much more than what I did. Time to contact support (link in top menu). Response time is little slow but they will help you out.
Don’t forget to mention your station ID. See here how to obtain it.

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Hi Eric,
I really appreciate the quick response. I will contact support. Thanks again-Walter

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@eric Can you reboot my station as well.

Hi Joseph,

I did reboot it but that did not solve it. Your Tempest isn’t giving a correct value for sure. Open a support ticket as I’m on vacation right now with limited access. Ask them for a FW upgrade of the Tempest (older one and some had a glitch on the light sensor), maybe this can solve the issue, else they will help you out for sure.
Sorry I can’t be of more assistance right now.