Water Temperature

I would love to be able to attach a sensor to my WeatherFlow that could reach water temperature. Actually, I would like two of these. I can see people using these for pools, hot tubs, bodies of water.

(I did a quick search but did not find this as an existing feature request)


For me, besides just knowing how cold the water is before deciding to jump in, I want to integrate these temperatures into my smarthome. So far, I’ve not been pleased with the water sensor options that I have found online.

Using your REST commands, I can then use the water temperature readings to decide whether to run the pool pump for more hours in the day. In the winter, when the water is cooler, we run the pump for fewer hours. In the summer, the pump needs to run longer because standing warm water is prone to algae growth. I could then run a program that adjusts the run time based on air and water temperatures.

Hello o2bnMaine

Honestly I don’t see what you’re looking for in a weather station. It just is not meant to measure water temperature etc. I think you will find other project on the net that can suit your needs based on Pi or Arduino’s etc. Eventually adding reading for a WF station to have a more complete picture … but I don’t think WF will ever add your request to the project. Maybe a staff member will say otherwise …


the usual mechanism is something that speaks MQTT - a nodeMCU or other arduino like thing would be a likely candidate.

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Actually, it isn’t a bad idea for an additional sensor. It would be useful in a pool, hut tub, at the beach, or even in the ocean/pond/stream in places with seasons. AcuRite used to sell a floating one for pools, and Ambient has a few floating solar-powered options.

With G sensor chips being commodities now thanks to drones and smart phones, a movement sensor could be cheaply incorporated to try and estimate wave height in open water (tethered to an anchor) …or to watch for kids falling into a pool when nobody’s home…

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The temperature for a body of water (pool, lake, hot tub) seems to fit into what I would use this sort of thing for.

Of course, from a “weather” standpoint, the water temperature sensor would be designed to work for a lake, which is something I would use it for. Most of my exercise is performed on a lake, so having the water temp, to me, is part of what a weather station should tell me.

I would end up getting a second for our pool because, “why not?!”

There are lots of weather stations that handle random multiple extenal sensors. This isn’t one of them.

From my perspective, this is the perfect weather station for this sort of thing. It handles the distances I need to cover… something most others do not do well at all. And it does REST commands giving my programs access to data without much heavy lifting.

It easily could. Just needs the sensor designed for it. Many already have multiple Sky’s and Air’s running on the same hub.

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Personally I’d rather the hub added wired ethernet as well as 5GHz wifi, but sure. It’s always easy to ask when you don’t need to supply the business case of ‘should it’ and ‘should it when’.

Nobody’s gonna say no if it appears as something it can do someday for sure…

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I wanted to throw my 2 cents in that I also think this is a great idea. WIth having the Air/Sky, my old Ambient weather monitor is pointless, other than the pool monitor, F007PF. Would be a nice integraton.
Indoor temperature I believe is going to be handled in the future Breathe but I imagine a second Air could do it too.

you could build one that uses gsm to communicate over long distance, using an arduino for the processing.


or buy one using Lora:

(i didn’t look to deep into these things, just used google)

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Exactly. I see I can get what I want using https://www.ambientweather.com/amf007tp.html but if I’m going to spend $65, I would rather get something that integrates into my existing WF Hub.