Weather flow UI

I wish the weatherflow UI had the option to look like the WU one… with multiple data on one page for time since midnight…

Not so sure they will go that way as their goal is to have an easy to use product for the common public.

But there are already many option to use the data in 3rd party scripts where you can combine what you want with a little knowledge and little budget.
Why not explore those to suit your needs and wishes ?


Any user can understand what they see when there is one graph below the other, that would be a very easy UI, and gives people insight in the possible dependencies between various parameters. People love it when they go “he, did you see that sudden pressure drop, it happened at the same time the temperature dropped 6 degrees”

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I agree. It’s nice to be able to see all the graphs together to see when there is a drastic change in the weather. I have been using this app along with the Tempest app to do that: ‎PWS Monitor on the App Store

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I think the graphing system for my solar panels offers a fine solution.
It shows you the selected graph, average real power in this case, with correct number along the y-axis. But at the bottom of the graph you can select other parameters. Here I selected DC Voltage, DC Current and Temperature. Data for those is displayed with some arbitrary vertical scale, but when the cursor moves over a data point, a pop-up shows the real values at that point.


thanks - any idea why the precipiation accumulation does not go to 0 from midnight - it resets at 12:30 - so if there is little rain the next day the scalling is influenced from the day before…
thanks re any comments

I had a look at your station, and the rain graph does reset at midnight 0:00. Where do you see it reset at 00:30?