WeatherFlow Application for Homey

Weatherflow for Athom’s homey

The Dutch ‘startup’ Athom has released an Smarthome hub a couple of years ago that can connect to all sorts of technologies such as zwave, zigbee, 433mhz, bluetooth but also api’s that are available on the internet. I created an app for this eco system to connect to the Weatherflow API’s. It will try to connect to the weatherflow api and read the information from a single station per device. Currently the station needs to be publicly available. This will be changed in the future


  • 0.0.2 Added logic to check if certain capability values are available. This to prevent errors
  • 0.0.1 First implementation adding basic support for public available stations

#Download: and install


I have tried this but i missing a parameter to go further.
There for I have installed the Weather Underground integration and connect Homey to that. Tempest >> WU >> Homey Integration.
Ok it one step more to have a failure in your flow but it works.

Did anybody already link the Tempest to Homey?

How do I find my api?

api for what ? if for weatherflow data

Please advise. I got the API key, but what should I use as the station ID?

pretty simple if you search a bit your way on this forum

Settings are on public, I got the API, but the station ID is not recognised. I wonder if I’m using the correct Homey app

The App off Jeroen is working with the following setting’s

Name : what you wan’t
App Key : Generate in the Web app (
Station ID : your (Tempest) Station number (not your connected device number)

Great, now it works!
Yesterday I did exactly the same but couldn’t connect, maybe because the Tempest was just installed a few hours before.