WeatherFlow Data on ROKU

Hey TwoDogs,
Little teaser here, the ROKU App “WeatherFlow Data Viewer v4” will release on
Monday, January 30th, at 11am PST and includes HUMIDEX for the Canadians !!

The code just passed the ROKU evaluation and is scheduled for release.

I will make a formal release note on that day.

WeatherFlow Data on ROKU v4 just Published !!

It now includes an option to display HUMIDEX as requested from “The Great White North”.

On your ROKU device:
Home > Search > weatherflow data viewer v4

If you already have the app, highlight the app and select *, “Check for updates”.

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Thank you, thank you. Canada thanks you!

Downloaded it this morning, I love it!! Great job​:+1::+1:

I have version 5 running on my Roku but it is no longer working. When I put in my station number it can not find it anymore. Am I missing something or is Roku no longer supporting this app?

Your observation is correct the application is not working.

Something has changed in the environment as I have not made changes to the application since 4/4/23.

I am in the process of troubleshooting and will post here when it’s working again.

Thank you for the interest in my application and I will update this thread when progress is made.

Thanks for your quick response, appreciate the App and your efforts.

I’ve corrected the issue causing “Weather Station Data 5” to stop working !!

The new code-set just completed the ROKU publishing process and will release on 6/7/23 at 10am PST.

If you have deleted the application you can reinstall it on 6/7 after 10am PST
If you already have the app, highlight the app and select * → “Check for updates”.

Again, thank you for the interest in my application :bangbang:


Fantastic app! Thank you.

Is there any way to get access to the graphs?


Thank you for the interest in my ROKU App.

Historical graphs are beyond the scope of the application.


I have a suggestion for this handy app. Would like to be able to customize locations to actual place name and not just a road name. I have 6 stations in my list. Example Worth Rd. would be able to changed it to Aunt Annies. I could probably remember the names of the all the roads but would be beneficial for wife and younger other family members to view.
Another suggestion would be able to have atmospheric pressure in inhg. for imperial option.


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Thank you for using the ROKU App.

That is a great suggestion; to add an alias / friendly name that is displayed on the menu.

I now intend to include that in a future release and will notify once the feature is added.

I will research the alternate pressure units.

Thank you

Great pleasure using and can’t wait for the next release.



ROKU WeatherFlow Data Viewer build 5.7 was released today !!

This release features the ability to assign an “alias name” to weather stations.

If you monitor stations other than your own this feature is super useful.
You can name stations “Aunt Marie” or “Baseball Field” which is more meaningful to you and your family than what the owner named it.

For new installations:
Main Menu → Search → “weatherflow data viewer”, the “channel poster” will look like below.


If you already have the channel:
It will eventually update on its own, OR you can request the update by:
Highlighting the channel → Press * → Check for Updates

I invite feedback and suggestions!!


Great…Thanks Steve!


How do update from 5.6.0. ?
Thanks Jim

Thank you!
Great to see you are still working on this.
Regards, Hal

I noticed that anomaly only today when the new release published.

Please know WeatherFlow Community; build 5.6 NEVER published, it failed ROKU’s “code review”. That’s why I went from 5.5 to 5.7 :slight_smile:
This is a hiccup in the ROKU environment, or the way I used it.

The immediate solution is to delete the channel and reinstall (which means entering your stations again); :frowning:

I have a multitude of ROKU devices and it only happened on some; and only once the official release dropped.

I think I need some testers out there . . .

Please message me if you are willing to be a Beta Tester. I can create a group of testers that can agree to get “pre-release” versions. If you volunteer, please know I will need timely feedback on new code builds.

I am currently well into development on customized, vector, weather maps; centered on the station making the request.

Hi Steve,
With the new version 5.7.5 it loads fine but just as it goes to display the main screen it unloads and goes back the main menu. I have a Roku Stick and a Hisense tv. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Hal

If you are certain v5.7.5 is the ONLY version on the ROKU, please try deleting the application completely and re-installing.

If there is an older version still present, delete it.

Let mw know how you do !!

Hi, I have tried deleting the app numerous times and reinstalling it on both my sticks but it still wants to unload just after it quickly displays the data page. This only started happening after you went to 5.7.5.
Thanks, Hal