WeatherFlow Data on ROKU

NEW Station Data Viewer (v2)

Based on popular demand a NEW version of the ‘Weather Station Data Viewer’
is being released. You can find it the same way; the ‘poster’ will say:
“Weather Station Data v2”.

The new version:

  • Displays wind-speed as km/h and not m/s
  • Includes the option to display wind-direction in degrees or Cardinal description

Please send more feedback as I will try to include it in future releases which will upgrade automatically!


On your ROKU device:
Home>Streaming Channels>Search Channels>“weatherflow data viewer V2”

Add the channel and follow the directions.

Fellow Hobbyist


I added the channel to my Roku, easy enough setup just plugin your tempest#

i see a basic snapshot of my weather station data. Nice Work SJP.

  • what, if any, are your future plans for this ?
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ROKU must have deleted your channel with their latest move as I can’t find it now. Any plans?

Hi TwoDogs! I see it on mine and just downloaded it for the first time. Are you in the US?

ROKU has changed their development schema around, for the better actually.
The way I had my channel published before was as “permanent beta software”. By doing that there was no scrutiny by ROKU, well they closed that loophole.
When they closed the loophole they removed all “beta channels”.

Recently I actually went through the process of getting my channel certified by ROKU, so it’s a REAL CHANNEL and in their library !!

You can find the channel:

On your ROKU device:
Home > Streaming Channels > Search Channels > “weatherflow data viewer”


Let me know if you find it . . . . and if you’re not in the US, what country ?

Hi, No such luck finding it. Maybe it hasn’t been published yet in southern British Columbia, Canada?
Keep me posted of anything you find out. I’ll keep looking in the meantime.
Thanks, Hal

I think I have it figured out, I’m new to this process.

When publishing a ROKU channel the publisher needs to select the areas of the world to make it available. I neglected to select areas outside the USA.

I have gone back in and selected Canada (I actually selected everything).

ROKU publishes during predefined release windows. My republish is scheduled for March 8, 2022 at 10:00am PST. Check back then and let me know.


Thanks. That’s probably why I can’t see it yet. I will let you know if it shows up then.

Hello, I have downloaded the channel and works well.
May I ask for a couple of changes for those of us who work (reluctantly - I come from an older generation) with the metric system. Average wind and wind gust is commonly expressed in kilometers per hour. An option to change wind direction to user’s choice - ie. cardinal.
Many thanks Steve. You’ve done a great job!

I’m glad republishing it to other countries made it available and you were able to download it !!

Great suggestions which I can add sometime very soon. Once I make the changes I’ll post on here to let you know and because you have the channel installed you’ll automatically get the update.

Thanks for the feedback !!

Weather Station Data Viewer v2 was published today and displays wind in km/h and Cardinal direction.

See my post about for some details.

Thanks for implementing the changes. Works fine and I have taken down the weather site as we be leaving for our trip across Canada at the end of April. I will let you know when we arrive and have a site set up in Nova Scotia on the East Coast. Cheers…

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Hello, I’m now somewhat settled in Welshtown, Nova Scotia, Canada. Waiting for a modular house to be delivered in the fall.
The Weather Data for Roku works fine and if you have time could you please look at the pressure as it doesn’t appear to display correctly.
Lightning in this area would also be a valuable addition.
Many thanks,

Here’s the discrepancy:

  • The WeatherFlow phone app & webpage displays pressure at sea-level
  • My app is displaying pressure at the station.
    Both values are included in the raw data.
    After researching I found that sea-level pressure is the standard reporting unit.
    I am going to make the change and evaluate adding some lightning data.
    As long as you are using v2 the update should happen automatically. This will be my first try at auto-updating the channel, fingers crossed.

Thanks Steve. I’m sure those of us appreciate your work on this. It would be interesting if you could know how many users of the the app there is and where.

There are currently 750 users of the app, ROKU does not indicate where in the world they are.

The current round of updates are complete and published. Your ROKU will eventually apply the update on its own; if you would like to force the update:
Arrow over to the the app > Select the * > Check for updates > OK to exit

Update includes:

  • Changed Barometric Pressure from station location to sea-level
  • Added Lightning Strike counts for previous 1hr & 3hr
  • Added “Feels Like” temperature

Point of note, you WILL NOT need to re-enter your station number(s).
I seem to have mastered updating with the proper keys to eliminate that hassle.

Enjoy . . . .


Hi Steve, The Canadian version “Feels Like” has been used by Canadian Meteorological people by a calculation of the Humidex and is as follows:
The humidex is similar to the heat index but is widely used in Canada where the heat index is not. It equals H = T + (0.5555 * (e - 10)), where T is the temperature in Celsius and e is the vapor pressure in millibars (mb).Aug 13, 2011

I don’t know if this is used in other countries but for Canada is more relevant.
Thanks, Hal

I’m intrigued . . . I’ve never heard of Humidex.
I did a little research, and it appears Canada is the only place (that I can find) that uses “Humidex”.

My ROKU App has been recognized as one of WeatherFlow’s “top 10” integrations!!


On your ROKU device:
Home>Streaming Channels>Search Channels>“weatherflow data viewer V2”

Add the channel and follow the directions.

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Re: WeatherFlow Data on ROKU

The latest release of my ROKU app to display WeatherFlow data was released today!!

The biggest feature of the new version is the addition of the 5-day forecast.


On your ROKU device:
Home>Streaming Channels>Search Channels>“weatherflow data viewer v3”

If you already have the app, highlight the app and select *, “Check for updates”.

I am always looking for useful improvements to the app; please reach out to me for enhancements you would like to see.

I’m considering adding battery voltage to the “Manage Stations” screen, does anyone think that is useful or would be a waste of time?