WeatherFlow HomeSeer plug-in

For those that use HomeSeer home automation software and want to integrate WeatherFlow, I have a beta plug-in available. You’ll find it under the beta section of the HomeSeer Additional Interfaces plug-in management page.

This is fully functional, but time-limited plug-in.

It creates HomeSeer device records for the Air and Sky sensor data values from the UDP data on the local network.

P.S. I also have a driver for the Elve home automation software package so if you’re one of the 3 people still using that, let me know.


Hi Bpaaauwe, I would LOVE to test your plugin for homeseer!

Both my air and sky show up in your plug-in within the status part of the settings, but no devices were created for the SKY. If this is just a limitation due to where you are at in development that’s cool. If not, please let me know how to resolve this. As soon as I can see everything, I will purchase the plug-in. :slight_smile:
Thank you!!


A new version was just released so make sure you have that. Then you need to go into the plugin’s configuration page and set up your station. Once the station is added, it should add devices for both.

I’ve put a few posts in your thread in the homeseer forum.

The new version is not working for me and my logs are getting flooded with errors now.
I can still see AIR data and the devices for my SKY were created but no data is being tracked.

Please go there to see my screen shot of the log errors.

“Deserialization failed for sky data: Cannot convert null to a value type.
Jun-03 2:40:20 PM WeatherFlow Deserialization of device status failed: 1,0 is not a valid value for Int32.”

@bpaauwe, fs is not an integer. It’s a string.

Sorry, but I really don’t know what that means. I installed the new version, it wiped all of my previous devices which was kind of unusual for a plugin update but ok. I filled in the form and hit update.

All the devices were created and sky didn’t work. The log is what your plugin is creating every couple seconds.

If there is something that you would like me to change, please provide instructions on doing so and I would be happy to assist.


Sorry Gary, I didn’t see that it wasn’t @bpaauwe that responded. Thank you for trying to assist him.

I want to be sure that Bob sees this and understands the fix. It shouldn’t take him long to fix it.

This is simply an oversight and Bob has this fixed in his other drivers.


Another issue with the plugin is with “Apparent Temperature”. It always shows 32 degrees f.
It’s supposed to show WeatherFlow’s equivalent to “Feels Like”. So something is not correct with that device.



Depending on where you live, you may want it to be 32 soon.


Hi Tony,

The apparent temperature / feels like value depends on data from the sky to calculate. Without that data the result is of the calculation is always 32 (F, 0 C).

As you noted about, the plug-in isn’t properly handling the sky sensor. I’ve responded about that in the HomeSeer forum and will try to make an update available today. Gary was right, I missed updating the HS plug-in data handling for the fs value. There were a couple of other updates that I missed too.

Until I get actual WeatherFlow hardware (I’m near the bottom of the shipping list), I’m not able to fully test so there could be a few more issues like this that crop up.

I made a pretty big change in the way the devices are created and manages in the latest release which is why they all got re-created.

Instead of automatically creating HS devices for every sensor, you now have the ability to enable only the ones you want. I figured this could be useful for the folks that have more than one air or sky or had a need to configure remote stations.

I’m open to any feedback on this so let me know if you any ideas on how the interface could be improved or if there something missing.

I responded in HS, I’m happy to give you info on my station if you like so that you can test your work.
Just PM me either in here or in HS and I’ll give you my email and any station info you need.

Hope you get your kit soon. Mine has been working perfectly so far. It will be worth the wait. :slight_smile:


It’s because UDP data changed in firmware 114 that was recently installed on your Hub.

Bob, you need to update the import of hub status. The last three indexes are now arrays.

This morning I find the log on my Homeseer system is filling up with Weatherflow communication errors every 10 seconds. The error suggests that Homeseer is unable to parse the data string being sent by Weatherflow (“System string is not supported for deserialization of an array”). Was there a Weatherflow update of some sort that would have caused this?

i guess it might be related to this post from weatherflow Heads-up: Forthcoming changes to API (REST & WS)

That’s talking about something scheduled for next week so I’m assuming it is unrelated.

Once this is sorted should I block my hub from the Internet to prevent it from happening again? I can’t assume Bob will always be available to immediately respond to a format change and I want to inoculate myself against future issues.