WeatherFlow notifications not appearing in iOS 13 beta

I wanted to let someone know that WeatherFlow iOS notifications are not appearing in devices running the iOS 13 beta. I’ve done both the public beta and developer betas, and notifications such as ‘It’s raining in XXXX’ or ‘Lightning detected…’ simply do not appear, despite having these notifications turned on in iOS.

I’m not complaining, as this is beta, and understandably, some things are broken during beta. I just wanted to let the developers know of this issue.



I’m on ß4 (17a5534f) and notifications do work for me. Got lightning and rain notifications yesterday … no issues for me.

Thanks for letting me know. I’m on an iPhone XR, and running iOS 13 developer beta 4. I noticed that the notifications stopped as soon as I joined the 13 beta program on the public beta. My iPad Air is on the latest 12.x, and gets its notifications just fine.

Not that it matters here, but notifications from MapMyFitness (when my wife completes a workout seem to be delayed by a day as well… no, they are not my workouts… :grinning:)

Follow-up question: would it be helpful to turn off ALL notifications from Smart Weather App, and if so, for how long? Should it be off between a reboot cycle?

why not even delete the app and re install it with a reboot in the middle to erase remnants in memory.

Might work … or not :slight_smile:
I’m on a good old 7

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I usually have good luck with new OSX or iOS Public Betas, but iOS 13 seems to have more than its share of bugs, including failure to sync Reminders, etc. Tried both betas so far and restored back to iOS 12 both times…give it a shot in the fall. Catalina, so far seems promising.


In iOS 13 beta 3 here too and things are working fine. Beta 2 was really buggy generally.

On a side note, ordered a new solar unit to attach to Air. Have a shield so will MacGiver something so that the solar unit sticks out at the bottom of the shield. It’s partially in shade anyway. Love the creativity that WeatherFlow brings out in all of us.

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