WeatherFlow Servers Having Issues or Is It My Tempest?

I just noticed that a have a data gap from 7:50 pm EDT to 8:05 pm. Suspicious that it was exactly 15 minutes. Anyone else see a gap

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No gaps here. I’m also in the Eastern time zone.

I went to your station and nothing comes up. Did you set it to Public so other people can see it?

A possibility is that either your hub and/or Tempest had an older firmware and it got updated. This is usually only 10 minutes but it could take longer.

Tim your station ID is 21008 and not 19000 as in your signature

Your station is in degraded mode, voltage is below nominal and automatic power saving mode is active (2.37V)
Solar radiation is extremely low and not enough to charge your station. Does it see direct sun ?

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Thanks, Eric. I forgot to update my profile after I nuked and recreated my station last week. Yes, I know my station is operating in a degraded mode but a 15 minute gap doesn’t seem to be normal. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened again.

Yes, I have to find a better site for the station, because it really isn’t getting enough direct sunlight. I’ve got a canopy of oak trees in the yard, so it’s going to be a challenge to find a good spot.


Sorry, I forgot to update my profile after I nuked my old station. My new station ID is 21008.

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On average, how many hours of direct sunlight or indirect sunlight does the Tempest need to recharge its batteries to operate?

During testing this was on average what we got

“Every hour of direct sunlight will get you at least 24 hours of runtime.”

In shade … all depends how shaded …

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