Wish list (suggestions for additions are welcome)

You are sketching a mostly hypothetical situation, where someone has a thunderstorm forming overhead, doesn’t even hear the thunder or see the first strike and would have taken action after a first notification from the air unit That second strike of a real, overhead forming thunderstorm is probably pretty quick after the first strike. If you are afraid that that is too late for you and you still want to run inside after the first strike, be my guest turn the false strike suppression off. but if you have a false strike every other day, I don’t think that this realistic human behavior (but who knows, everybody is different).
If you want to use the air unit as warning system, it is best used for far away thunderstorms, and you see that the strikes are getting closer and closer to you. That is multiple strikes and you will get the warning for those. The notification system that weatherflow has build tries to do exactly that. (but it also notifies the false lightnings, which I hope can be prevented)

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You have never seen a thunderstorm in the US.

Here a storm can start 30 miles away with no lightning and move overhead. Then one massive strike three miles away to the south then one strike two miles away to the north.


wrong assumption, I’ve seen plenty of thunderstorm in the US

so nothing, because there is no lightning

could you rephrase that in a correct sentence.
There is one strike only? So what do you do? you didn’t hear the thunder or see the lightning but would run inside as soon as you get the notification? And you would keep running inside every other day because of a false strike notification in case one in 30 notifications is real, is overhead and you didn’t hear or see it?? I call that most unlikely.

You have made your suggestion. Most don’t like item one. It’s up to WeatherFlow now.

Honestly, I think far too much is being made of this than is warranted.


indeed!! it is a good suggestion dragged into a weird discussion by some people.

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Agreed. Even if the good suggestions were implemented it will be months to a year or more. The bad ones will never make.

if you don’t like it, turn it off. O, wait you didn’t get that it was an option.
For me the current notifications are useless and I had to turn them off, which is a missed opportunity.
For the people with false alerts - I guess that isn’t you - this will work just great.


Here we rarely get thunder and lightning. It would be nice if my units didn’t have so many false warnings. In my case, the OPTION that @sunny proposed would actually fit EVERYONE because it is an OPTION. I know the type of weather we get here so it would make sense for me to turn the option on, for others, it clearly wouldn’t make sense. As it is, I have all lightning notifications turned off due to daily false positives. Is that really better than having an option that potentially filters out most if not all the false positives?


I would support this option too. We also rarely get lightning here in the UK, but the usability of the lighting detector in my Air is greatly limited because it is triggered once or twice daily by all the 20-30 different boiler ignition units in houses within 50 m of ours (we live in a densely populated area). All lightning notifications are turned off. The option that is being proposed by @sunny (which would be off by default) would work very well for the type of weather we have here.


Been using one of these for several years now, same chipset as the Air.

Been holding out for a while now on including a Barometer Delta like the Temp. Delta.

I would like a mode when you have found an interesting point in time (say wind speed and direction) you could switch to another measurement (say temperature) without resetting the graphs back to the current time. This would allow you to check one measurement against another very convenient.


Indeed a good idea or just multiple graphs in one view or multiple panels below eachother.


Oh I like the stacked charts!