Changed Password on WiFi but having difficulty connecting Air

I know this is my own doing, but last weekend I changed the password on our home wifi router and went around hte house updating all the devices needing a connection. For some reason, I can’t get the Air back online. Can someone provide a link on how I could do this?
I pressed the button on the bottom of the device and it blinks green, but I am at a loss for what to do next.

the link between the Air module and the hub isn’t wifi. Only the Hub uses wifi to access the internet

For what i read you reset the air module so you have to use the mobile app to repair it with your hub (just like you did the first time)

Hi @kevstaples See Troubleshooting Help page.

If you change your WiFi router SSID, then you should normally be able to change the stations WiFi settings via the app > Settings > Stations > [select station] > WiFi setup.

If you somehow pressed the LED button next to the battery door on the AIR device there are a couple scenarios.

  1. Short press of the button simply gives a quick status indicator designed to help with diagnostic customer service.

  2. Long Press (5sec+) of the LED button will divorce your AIR from the HUB (hint: this is why we intentionally hide the button as divorce can get messy :wink:) This resets the AIR back to its original state and allows it to be paired to a HUB. To re-pair to your HUB:

  • Delete the sensor device from the app, go to Settings > Stations [select station] > Manage Devices > Slide device left to reveal a delete button.
  • Restart your hub: remove power from the hub for a few seconds, then re-apply power.
  • Re-add the device to your station: go to Settings > Stations [select station] > Manage Devices > Add Device (+)

This is also spelled out in the Troubleshooting Help page.

And BTW, if you stick a paperclip into the tiny hole near the LED on the HUB and press…that will clear your WiFi settings and reset the HUB (for when you move it to a new location).