Dead sky after a few hours (replacement SKY sent)

Well, got my sky. Installed. Worked for a couple hours and died. Got it down the next day. Tried a battery door re boot, no lights, no luck. Another new set of batteries, nothing. Light switch reset, nothing. Ideas?

Did you try holding down the button for 3 seconds
Also what battery type have you used
And check they are all the correct way around

Energizer lithium
And yes.

Hi @bill What is your station ID? , we’ll be happy to investigate data from your station. Also please see the battery insertion page to triple check that your batteries are correctly inserted.

ID: 1817
It worked for a few hours, the batteries were in it correctly :grin:

@bill Will contact you directly to troubleshoot. The back & forth is odd fodder for a forum. Will post solution here when solved.

Was a solution found?

See . SKY has been reporting good data since June. Sorry, don’t have the customer service case files from June in hand to provide more detail…but it looks like Bill’s station is up and firing.

Unit was promptly replaced