Heatwave question and help

I have been away from the Tempest weather station for a while after giving up on it’s rainfall measurement. Now we are in a heatwave and I checked the temperature. I looked at the app and it reported the temp as 99. Then I clicked on that number to get more detailed info and it reported the temp as 101.9. Why the difference? Which is correct? Does the app have trouble with temps above 100? It is rare here and tomorrow is supposed to be higher. I’d like to be able to rely on my Tempest to give me a correct temperature. Thanks for the help in advance

When you went back to the forecast display did it show correctly? I have seen where it takes a moment to read in updated data and it could be that you switched to the grid view before the forecast page could update. Over 100 temperatures here and they display properly on all seven stations I checked. (Three were viewed with the web interface.)

Thanks for the info. I checked over a few hours. It finally matched when it got below 90 degrees. I think the updated data idea might be it. Not sure why it stayed different after it updated many times. Thanks for the reply.


Here is a bit of data:
Time App Main Page Click on Temp More info

8:00 am 81 79.3
8:05 am 81 80.0
8:10 am 81 80.5
8:15 am 81 81.0
8:20 am 81 81.3
8:25 am 81 82.1
8:30 am 81 82.8
Rebooted Phone with 5 minute power off
8:40 am 81 83.4
Reinstalled the app and find that the main app page doesn’t update except when the app is started.

That is strange. When you view the station on the web page does it show the same issue? Are you on Android or iOS?