Hub is dead since yesterday evening

Hi Guys,
by yesterday ~21:00 (9:00 PM :laughing:) German time my hub went not only offline, the LED does also not show any signs of life.
I have changed the power-supply & cable and nothing helps - even connecting it to a computers USB was not helpful. The LED does not react.
The hub was never wet and always placed near my firewall on top of a small server-rack.

Any idea what to do?


Hello Mathias,
A little later mine were rebooting…maybe their was an issue last evening?
Do you know the Hub actual firmware version ?
What’s your stations ID?
Maybe trie to keep the Hub powerless for 10 min.
Did you tried to reset ?
Reset the hub by inserting a paperclip into the reset switch.
But… the reset will cause you to loose access to your history data…

If still the issue contact with Station ID and Hubs SN…

Hi dsfg
unfortunately it is on the power-cable since ~10h+ and still nothing works.
I will try to reset it, but it basically seems to be dead.

My hub died after some 4 months of operation. Tried multiple cables, outlets, reboots - nothing. Weather Flow has sent replacement. A bit weird because my Sky unit quit after 2 weeks of smooth operation. WF replaced it no problem. WF’s customer service is sure fast.
Dave Petersen


WF is already shipping one new. Despite that the unit failed fast - their customer-care is fast too :wink:

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