Hub will not hold

Hub keeps going green to blue to green to blue and stay green for awhile?

Have you checked there isn’t a bluetooth device nearby locking in ?? Maybe try to explain a little more what happens, how did you setup your hub ? Since when etc …
Might help @anon84912554 to help you better :wink:

Turned all wifi in room, will turn one at a time. Thanks

Turned off wifi devices in room.

beware, there are 3 things in a hub regarding transmitters.

  1. radio link (800 or 900 Mhz depending region) to communicate with air’s and sky’s
  2. wifi is used to send data from hub to your internet router (via routers, modems …)
  3. Bluetooth is used to connect to your hub directly from a phone to config it

don’t mix this in your mind :wink: or you’re lost

here is also some troubleshooting page that might help

Great information, thanks

Everything is running normal now with a couple of changes, thanks for your assistance