Issue with Hub V94

Both my Air and Sky have been running for weeks without a single dropout

This morning about 8.00am I noticed no data was being received from both the Air and Sky
I tried rebooting the hub with no result. When I tried to reset the WiFi connection the Hub Leds would go from a green flash to red within a few seconds. After quite a few attempts I managed to get it to re-connect to my router but still no data. I then tried connecting to a WiFi repeater and it all started working again. Why would it connect to the router and not work, but when it connected to a WiFi repeater connected the router it does ?

Without knowing you network hardware it is not possible to give an answer.

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the connection to the router was to bad ?? (rssi below -90 db ??)

nope the RSSI -55dB of the connection is working now Ive changed routers. Don’t know what changed had been working without issue until this morning