Indiegogo Update #24

WeatherFlow March Update

Hello WeatherFlow Backers.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. As we mentioned previously, all HUB and AIR devices have been produced. Our latest version of the SKY hardware has shown considerable improvement and is performing quite well in testing. The picture below shows a batch of the new production SKY devices on our rooftop testing array in Florida validating calibration settings in real-world conditions.

Our factory is back in action following the Chinese New Year holiday and we have begun assembly of your production SKY devices. SKY firmware is currently going through last minute quality assurance before it gets written onto the microprocessors in the devices. The final sun, wind, and rain calibration values are in field testing now and will be applied to the devices as the last step before we box & ship. Barring any unexpected issues, we hope to begin the delivery process in April.

Daily updates: Smart Weather Community Forum

Eager for more frequent project updates and finer details? [looking at you Jeff N] We encourage you to participate in the Smart Weather Community Forum.

Google Home

“Hey Google, ask WeatherFlow how’s the weather?” Our integration with Google Home is now live and ready. See:

HUB Firmware update

For those of you who have already received and installed your HUB + AIR, we are rolling out an updated version of the HUB firmware. Some time in the next week we will automatically update your WeatherFlow Hub to the latest firmware. Your HUB will briefly go offline as it reboots and applies the update; most users will experience less than one minute of downtime, and no data loss. This update will provide support for your SKY device, several bug fixes & stability enhancements, and one very visible change: once upgraded, the LED status light on your HUB will follow a new, simpler light pattern, as follows:

GREEN = online. Connected to your WiFi.

RED = offline. Not connected to your WiFi.

BLUE = connected to your phone/tablet via BLE.

In some cases, we may not be able to automatically update a HUB over-the-air due to your network configuration and settings. In these rare cases, a manual update can be initiated via the Smart Weather app. Open the Smart Weather app, make sure the LED on your Hub turns BLUE (indicating a connection to your phone/tablet), then go to Settings (top left) > Stations > [your station] > Advanced > Upgrade Firmware.

We know this has been a really long campaign, but the finish line is in sight. Thank you to all our backers for hanging with us through the journey. - the WeatherFlow team.

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