Long Term Serviceability?

Low priority question when time permits:

Is there a defined life span you will provide service outside the 1 year warranty? Would parts or support be available to those who choose to repair their own devices outside the warranty period? And I understand some items may not be serviceable do to the nature of design. However, there’s a big maker/ifixit movement going on in my area where some people prefer to service their own products long term. With user calibration offsets coming soon, I think this makes some owner repairs possible. MTBF’s look excellent, but sometimes stuff breaks.

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To be honest, we’ve spent most of our time focused on eliminating the parts that typically wear out (hence the no moving parts, quality parts spec, etc). Due to the highly sensitive tuning of the instruments, it’s not an easy DIY fix without sophisticated tools and special calibration equipment. But, anything is possible. FYI: the hub was designed to be simple and purpose-built so that as home automation technology platforms move on to the next latest and greatest protocol, you can just swap in a new hub at a low cost and keep your existing SKY & AIR operational.