Moved locations for Station, can't get app to update to new location

Hey all…

Has anyone else had issues with moving a station and updating that location with the app? I’ve tried everything but seems to stay at my old location.

Station 4817


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I saw your station was back online today ( 2 days offline ??) I can see a map with it but can’t tell if it is where it should be or not.

Close to Charlotte … is it supposed to be there ?

I moved at 8 miles from downtown Charlotte to Southwest Charlotte

Had a similar experience. Make sure you move the public data location - it is separate in the app. Go to setting > Station > your station > Public Data; modify the Public Location.


@bfjewett has good advice, there are actually 2 locations tied to each station, one is the publicly displayed location so owners can obfuscate the physical location of the station if they want to.


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