New Tempest Has Arrived

A huge surprise this morning. I had not gotten out of bed when the doorbell rang and packages at the door. My Kickstarter Tempest has arrived.


My Tempest arrived today in RI. Funny thing is, this afternoon I received an email with the tracking number for the Tempest. Now that is quick delivery!


I checked the email I received. The Tempest was delivered at 9:12 and the email was received at 12:55.
The post office notified yesterday that the package was coming.


After a long hard week of processing nearly 800 deliveries…we forgot to push the ‘Send tracking notification emails’ button until midday today (Sat. May 16th). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Should make for some unexpected “early” deliveries today.

More batches going out next week.


Mine’s arriving on Monday. Many thanks to the great staff at WF for making this happen! :slight_smile:


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As a first generation of the SKY/AIR - I have to wait till after September 2020 or later to be able to buy the Tempest. Bad news for me, but happy for the ones who will be getting their first new Weatherflow weather station. You will enjoy it and have lots of fun playing with it.


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I received mine yesterday, setup was super easy, the software is fantastic.

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