No Precipitation Recording (resolved)

Has anyone’s Sky stop recording rainfall? Wind and UV/solar radiation is still being recorded but, despite heavy rain at the moment, it’s still showing ‘none’. I’m thinking the solution is probably ‘switch it off and on again’ but this will have to wait until tomorrow and when it’s stopped raining.

I’ve now done some digging and it appears to be something to do with hub firmware V94. There are posts since September although my problem has only started over the last week or so. Has it been resolved and I’ve got a duff Sky or do I have to wait for an update?

When you get up there to reboot the SKY, check for water in the battery compartment or coming out from around the light sensor when it is upside down. One of mine leaked and only knocked out the wind sensor part. WF was quick to send me a replacement.

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It seems to have been sorted. I had put some replies on other forum streams which talk about V98 being the culprit. It appears WeatherFlow have tweeted something.

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