Power save mode keeps resetting?


I’ve enabled power save mode a few months ago, but I just noticed that it was switched off. I’ve experienced this more than once.

Does a firmware update maybe reset the power save mode?

In normal case it wil not.
@anon84912554 might have a look to the data whether there is a coincidence of the events.

More likely it is an accidental screen press.

But don’t you have to press the “Save” button in addition?

That’s as easy to do as it us to butt-dial prople.

I just checked the app (v2.60 iOS) to change this setting the Save button on the manage devices page is not necessarily to press.

This looks to me a little inconsistent in terms of UI design.

Hence, you @GaryFunk might be right with an “accidentally” manually switching.

I have accidentally made changes when I hurriedly put the phone back in my pocket without closing the application.

I want the applications to send UDP packets when changes are made. I personally want to record that information so it can be used for metrics. I also want the packets that were removed to be reinstated.