Problem connecting Hub to wifi - error 1006 - suspected WPA3 issue

Hi there folks,
finally installed my Tempest and i’m loving it.
Unfortunately i am only able to use it locally over bluetooth as i’m unable to connect the hub to my Wifi network.
I have triple checked the following:

the SSID is the correct one
it is broadcasting on 2.4 ghz
The password is correct

Unfortunately the app is returning an Error Code 1006.
I have a strong hunch that this failed auth message is due to the fact that my wifi network is setup to ONLY allow WPA3 auth.
Unfortunately for security reasons i cannot downgrade this or establish a separate guest network with WPA2.
IF(and this is speculation on my part as i haven’t pulled the auth logs form the wifi AP yet) the Tempest Hub is confirmed to NOT support WPA3 then i implore the team to consider adding support to it as its adoption is only gonna increase in the future.

Is there a secure way to make a WPA2 network which only allows the hub to connect?

If there was a hardwired port, the issue wouldn’t exist.

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I mean, to be perfectly honest i could with some fiddling create a completely isolated ad-hoc network with WPA2 auth just for the Tempest but i would very much prefer to NOT have to do that.

I had a look and i can’t find a single reference to WPA3 being unsupported in the knowledge base eg:

They do mention Enterprise auth being incompatible which is perfectly fine tbh as not really widely used in a consumer/residential env.
On the other hand WPA3 being unsupported(again,if confirmed) is a pretty big deal imho especially since wifi is the ONLY connection option and i certainly can’t be the only one with a network configured to exclusively use it ; i’m sure it’s gonna be a much more widespread issue in the near future as more APs adopt it by default.

Would love to hear from the folks at Weatherflow to shed some light on this as i was unable to pull detailed auth logs from my APs(seems like failed auth events are not logged) to confirm that this is indeed the root cause of the Error Code 1006 message(altho it seems very plausible judging by the error codes table available here ).

And you’re def right that all of this would be completely moot if the hub had an RJ45 port.
All of this being said i am perfectly happy to keep using it locally over Bluetooth but would appreciate getting to the bottom of this.

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I suspect that the internal chipset (and/or its drivers) does not support WPA3.

One thing that I would suggest trying is to put up a 2.4 Ghz only SSID if your current one has both frequencies broadcasting with the same name. There are known issues with the wifi chip in the hub when the same SSID is broadcast on both frequencies, possibly due to band steering on some access points…

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Thanks for the suggestions!
Created a new isolated vlan and assigned a new wifi network to it(2.4 ghz broadcast only so no band steering, WPA2-Personal).
Hub was able to connect instantly.
Not really happy with the(at this point i’d say confirmed) inherent WPA3 limitation but i’ll make do.