Question for @WFStaff or one of the Tech Guru`s

What portion of a Tempest device holds the Firmware Revision update? In other words does the installed Firmware reside on the Bottom PCB (aka WF-BASE02-REVJ) or is in on a PCB under the dome (top cap) portion?

I found some photos of the bottom PCB. Do you have a photo of the top.

The forum software is sufficiently awful that I can’t find any teardown posts with photos. One would be pretty interesting to look through I’d think.

(wild guess if there are multiple boards is one is firmware+power+RF and the other handles the specific sensors in that rev of the unit, but that is a completely 100% wild guess)

In the past. . .I successfully performed a “Dr. Tempest Frankenstein” experiment. (just like Boris Karloff did as a “mad scientist.”) I transplanted a lower PCB from one Tempest into another because the first one had a bad battery charge controller, and the second one had a good charge controller . . .but. . .I wanted the good charge controller in the first Tempest because it was “newer” than the second one. I merely swapped them out…carefully labeling the cables so I’d know which one to plug back in – where. The two Tempests both had the same Firmware Revision so that wasn’t a problem. The experiment proved that both Tempest devices retained their original respective serial numbers. . .and did not mix-match them or “swap” them based on the lower PCB transplant.

I am wondering if I performed another experiment like the one before. . .what would be the outcome? . . . because the two Tempests in the next possible scenario have different Firmware Revisions on them. e.g. The Newest Tempest has the newest FWR = v176 and the Older Tempest has FWR = v165 on it. Would the older Tempest then become automatically FWR = v176 and the newer one become FWR = v165? . . . OR . . .would the FWR`s be retained internally as they were originally?

Found this in my Tempest archive. . .

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An orderly test with only one device on will tell you a lot. Shut down devices A + B. Power up A with the second card from B. See if it reports the former A’s serial number and firmware rev and what its power looks like.

Run my wfudptools utility to see what is in the UDP hub_status and obs_st data that the hub broadcasts.

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