Sky has fallen 25 feet (No pun intended)

My Sky fell from its mount about 25 feet. Some how water got into one of my pipe fittings and froze and allowed the piping and Sky to fall to the ground. What are the chances that it will still be calibrated and work. The adapter portion (the part that mounts to the bottom of Sky broke) I glued it back together and now have it temporarily mounted on a pipe about 3 feet off the ground off the ground to see what it does. I have very little wind now, but what little there is is reporting. Have wind and rain coming tomorrow, will be interesting!!!


Wow! That’s a first. I am interested in knowing how it preforms. What is your station ID? I’d like to see if any values are under or over reporting.

What did it land on? Can you post photos of the damage?

Station ID is 4918. No photo available. Only thing that broke was a 3/4" Plastic elbow that was all ice on the inside, I think it actually just expanded away from the threads, allowing the main pipe and unit to drop to the ground. I was using 3/4" steel pipe with the exception of one elbow that was plastic, obviously the week point. If and when it goes back up, I will seal all my threads. The base unit that mounts to the sky is what broke, nothing serious, and it is back together. The unit landed on a combination of gravel/grass. It was laying in the gravel when I found it. The unit was still reporting when I picked it up. If it seems to be working, I will re-install at its regular location. Interesting to see if WF Staff have anything to say about calibration, etc. Thanks for the reply.

I sounds like it didn’t hit to hard. The Sky is built well and therefore may not have suffered in sensor damage, but… only time will tell.

Quick update -

Rain is registering. Still over reporting, no surprise there. Did not get a rain starting alert on my phone?

Wind is registering, but very light at this time. And, solar readings are showing. I have no way of telling if they are correct or not.

Hi @johnmac78 . Sounds like your SKY wanted to try base jumping. :frowning: We don’t know what to expect as we have not drop tested the SKY from 25 ft – you’re officially the first one to test! The are many possible injuries given the precision sensor technology in the device. Best thing to do is to remount your SKY and watch the data. Keep us posted.

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I think that @weather34 holds the Sky falling record. Didn’t his take a 4-story tumble from the roof of his apartment building at one point and land on the asphalt in the car park?

I think that he also holds the record for the highest wind recorded by a Sky, most lightning strikes recorded by an Air, and most gigavolts put through a complete WF station. I guess that he also holds the record for most WF hardware destroyed and most warranty claims… :slight_smile:


ha yes 80 feet aprox the version where you had to stick a straw down in between the batteries to,stop,them rattling and causing false rain or loose power . that one was a battery eater and i slipped on roof changing batteries…never lost any hardware from weatherflow due to lightning but then again never recieved a full working package without some anomaly out of the box … last one had a sky wireless range of about 10 feet after pulling it apart found one melted cable from wireless antenna obviously done at assembly so had to re wire the whole thing and replace the antenna from a previous unit . before that one arrived light sensor failed after two days so no uv etc and before that broken kneck out out of the box could flop it over with yout finger arrived with no packaging just a sky in an empty box had to reinforce plate and use three thin support pins to level it before that wind direction anomalies originally reported by hankster and fail,to register anything above 40kmh … so none of them really worked as expected yet i tried to remain positive for as long as i could… all i use today is a air unit for lightning and that was nearly deemed broken after a morning of dense fog a few weeks ago caused a residue build up in the battery compartment basically dried it out with a warm hairdryer and bit of luck it fired up again… ps water can find its way in … but im still optimistic everything will come good in the long run…brian


Looks like I will need a replacement mounting bracket for the Sky. Attempted to glue back together, but no luck and the sealing gasket is messed up. How do I go about getting a replacement and cost? I do see any way to contact Weather Flow staff anywhere.

Send an email to and I am sure they will send you one in the mail at no charge. If they don’t I’ll send you one.

Thanks Gary - Email sent

Wow. Seems you’re living with Murphy’s law in your back yard !