Smartweather website background color (blue)

The blue color is nice but as you scroll the page down, it fades to white.
That’s a problem to users like me having too many values to display.
As you can see when you scroll at the bottom of the page, there is no contrast with the background and values are displayed discolored.

Hi Dimitris. It’s actually a fixed linear gradient between two blues so it won’t fade to white even if you have 100 cards on there - it’ll just stretch out the gradient. Also, your screenshot looks fine to me - the cards at the bottom are on a slightly lighter background but it’s definitely not white and the text is quite legible. Could this be due to something else on your local display? Is it possible you have some sort of “night light” or “blue light filter” applied?

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White on blue is the worst possible choice for colors.

no it isn’t. Try red on a blue background… much worse. That creates the pop-art look.
But I agree with @dimitris19 the contrast could be better. In dark rooms I have no problems but with bright lights or outdoors the contrast could be better.

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I don’t mind the color as much as it goes against my personal preference. White text on a light background is not the best UI.

I much prefer white on a very dark background.


How about automatic switching day/night mode as an option for us always-on tablet folks???


Glad to know that the gradient is fixed between two blues, but as others have mentioned I believe that the white text on a light blue background is not the best combination of colors.

Personal preference! We’re planning to add a “dark mode” to the app soon. And long term, we would love to implement a theme engine that would allow you to customize the color palette even more.


I like the design, that might be personal preference. but go out on a sunny day, and you probably have to admit that the top pane is more readable then the bottom one. (depends on your phone I guess). Why not have a gradient that goes only halve the whiteness it currently goes?

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Good feedback - thanks!

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Nice colour, but plain looking. Would love to see some charts and gauges rather than just figures. They could do the charts better than they are.

My biggest problem is with the blue shading progression. I can read the top card OK but as I go down the list it get increasingly harder to read. This is especially bad on my phone were the screen that doesn’t do shading very well.

Of course the tiny fonts make it almost impossible to read rain amounts without considerable effort.