Steadman Apparent Temperature (Australian Apparent Temperature)

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Is there any chance of displaying the Apparent temperature, as per the below? Source for the below is:

About the formula for the apparent temperature

The formula for the  **AT**  used by the Bureau of Meteorology is an approximations of the value provided by a mathematical model of heat balance in the human body. It can include the effects of temperature, humidity, wind-speed and radiation. Two forms are given, one including radiation and one without. On this site we use the non-radiation version.

Version including the effects of temperature, humidity, and wind:

AT = Ta + 0.33×e − 0.70×ws − 4.00

Version including the effects of temperature, humidity, wind, and radiation:

AT = Ta + 0.348×e − 0.70×ws + 0.70×Q/(ws + 10) − 4.25


|Ta|= Dry bulb temperature (°C)|
| --- | --- |
|e|= Water vapour pressure (hPa) [humidity]|
|ws|= Wind speed (m/s) at an elevation of 10 meters|
|Q|= Net radiation absorbed per unit area of body surface (w/m2)|

The vapour pressure can be calculated from the temperature and relative humidity using the equation:

e = rh / 100 × 6.105 × exp ( 17.27 × Ta / ( 237.7 + Ta ) )


rh = Relative Humidity [%]

Source:  *Norms of apparent temperature in Australia, Aust. Met. Mag., 1994, Vol 43, 1-16*
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That’s a pretty nifty formula.

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It is, the problem is calculating Q, for the version that takes radiation into account.

This thread: Calculating Australian Aparant Temperature tried to work out Q, but I think it became quite hard and they gave up.
BoM seems to use the non-radiation version so I’d be happy with that, but would be awesome having the radiation version as well.

This Norms of apparent temperature in Australia seems to be source of the formula, but it’s quite an in-depth document.

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Q has always been a bit of a problem. First on trek, then on gate.


Is the solution as simple as changing the gravitational constant of the universe??? :rofl:


I am in possession of a Radionics box that can do that for you… :stuck_out_tongue: