Tempest Response to Apple’s Purchase of Dark Sky

If you’ve been following the development of the Tempest Weather System on Indiegogo or Kickstarter, you know that it not only provides a hyper-local weather forecast, but includes our “Better Forecast Guarantee” - a weather forecast for your location that’s guaranteed to be more accurate than what you get in any other weather app.

Using the Tempest Weather System, validated data is combined in WeatherFlow’s proprietary AI forecast system with the best available models. The same powerful machine learning techniques are then reapplied as new data comes in, resulting in a dramatically improved forecast that only gets better over time.

Customers have benefited from WeatherFlow’s forecast system for many years. The recent development, and what our team has been steadily working towards for the last couple years, is that our forecast system now scales globally rather than only providing forecasts in certain regions. The forthcoming Tempest app (which will replace the Smart Weather app) will not depend on Dark Sky or any other third-party weather source.

Q: How will the Smart Weather app be affected by Apple’s purchase of Dark Sky?

A: Not at all. The plan for the forthcoming Tempest app, which will replace the Smart Weather app, was always to utilize WeatherFlow forecast data. The update will provide much more forecast information than the current Smart Weather app does. The link to Dark Sky will disappear.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for an alternate to the Dark Sky app?

A: Yes, use the Tempest Weather app, which will provide a detailed weather forecast that’s guaranteed to be better than the forecast in any other weather app.

Q: Will the Tempest Weather app provide radar or other precipitation information?

A: The first version of the Tempest Weather app will not include radar maps, but these will be added in a future release.

Q: Will you offer a solution for developers who depend on the Dark Sky API?

A: WeatherFlow has had a rich, powerful weather forecast API for many years. It’s been the source of all weather data found in our coastally oriented consumer apps and now will be the source for Tempest. It’s also the API that provides data to many government and commercial organizations around the world. We are considering making this API more self-serve accessible to developers but that won’t occur soon. Developers and other potential partners interested in using our API are encouraged to contact us for more information. Keep in mind that the Dark Sky announced their API will remain active until the end of 2021.


will the Tempest app work with legacy Weatherflow stations?


Absolutely. The existing Smart Weather App will actually become the Tempest app, with all of the same functionality (plus a bunch of new stuff).


This is very good to hear! :smiley:


This is awesome! So glad to hear it. I’m ready to beta test at any time. :grin: I got fed up with WeatherUnderground finally last week. IBM has made a mockery of the app and cut off the free access for those who provided them data. I will be pulling my station off of there once your app comes out!


Would love to beta test when ready thank you looking forward to it


Would be great if you can include weather webcam upload into your network and the new app. That is one of the only reasons I still send data to wunderground.


Will the updated Tempest APP be available by the time Dark Sky ends service?

Yes, the app updates will be rolled out imminently, before Tempest systems even ship to backers


Great news, Thanks for the update

Any update on shipping? I know originally it was supposed to be this week, but is that still happening?

I’m late to the party in responding to this, but I’m very excited by the prospect of WeatherFlow filling this space! One thing that it seems like Tempest (the app) would need is the ability to change weather data based on location. I’m not always at home, and while I am always interested in what the conditions are at home, if I’m traveling for work I want to quickly and easily know what the forecast and conditions are near where I’m at. I’m sure local weather station observations would be dependent upon a station being within a certain number of miles of you, but it seems like WF can already give you a forecast for just about everywhere based on their models.

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