Trixology's WeatherCat (Mac)

Been trying to put a bug in the ear of the folks at WeatherCat for months now to include WF, even gave them a link to the API’s, etc. Looks like a nice bit of Mac weather software, but mostly silence so far. Maybe if enough of us bug them about it (portents of future sales) maybe they’d get around to it.

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If you have some old mac mini with a SSD to minimise energy use … could be nice.

They don’t seem to keen to spend time developing code though

That’s how I’m running Weather Display now, on my 2009 Mac Mini with a SSD and Bootcamp for Windows 7, but sure be nice to have a dedicated bit of Mac software. I’ll just have to see if they ever get around to supporting WF.

got an old mac mini lying around that needs a new drive, might be an idea … to fool around with

the Mac version of WD does work with WF

Weewx runs great on my Mac Mini

Did give Weewx a thought, but full disclosure, putting all the bits together to get it to run on Mojave would severely tax my supply of Xanax. Hardware I understand (well, at least the parts since my 2 year engineering degree from the early eighties that I haven’t just forgot or have since been disproved…). I was unable to find a step by step method to get it done. I’d need something like a “install guide for dummes” Deluxe Edition…

weewx is simple conceptually - it requires python, some python modules, and a web server. On a Mac to me I’d think WF is really easy, you don’t even need to worry about usb/serial as @vreihen’s driver just listens on the wire for the WF UDP broadcasts. Should be a slam dunk.

Or run it in docker or vagrant/virtualbox/parallels in a VM (I’ve done all of the above on my macbook air, and do all my weewx dev work virtualized on one. Works great).

And the Mac already has a usable version of python included. You just need to install the missing modules (very easy), run the script, install the WF UDP “driver” and you pretty much have weewx running for local access. I’ve got it configured to autorun when I reboot my Mac.

Give it a try and feel free to ask questions here on the WF forum.

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FWIW, the WeeWX WeatherFlow UDP driver was actually 100% developed in “vi” on my Macbook, running Apple’s included Python 2 package…

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