Unable to update settings

I’ve been attempting to change some settings, in particular the Battery Card and Forecast displays. However, after I make the changes and press Save, I get a “Loading…” message that never clears. I’ve deleted/reinstalled the app, and cleared the cache/all data. No change. I’m running the app on a MotoX running Android 5.1. Is this just a memory issue on my device (always low on space)?

Have you rebooted your phone?

I reboot the phone daily, but when I went to force a reboot, I noticed the blue Bluetooth light on my Hub was off. Bluetooth was enabled on my phone, and it hadn’t moved more than a foot from the Hub since it was originally connected, so I don’t know why the connection would have been lost. I turned Bluetooth off/on on my phone, closed/reopened the app, and everything’s fine now. I was able to change the settings, no problem. Consider this issue resolved.

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I would suggest that there is an in active time out on the blue tooth

There may be but but I haven’t seen it timeout.

There definitely needs to be some checking. I had a Hub stay blue for over 24 hours.

FYI the forecast card is notoriously inaccurate e.g. predicting snow in summer. I’d suggest you disable it for now until they come to some fix as to who their forecast supplier is.


There is an option to disable the forecast card in the WF app. Given how bad WU has degraded over the past year or so, I strongly urge everyone to exercise that setting…