USB power cord socket is misaligned with cutout in the Hub housing

The USB power socket on the circuit board of my Hub is misaligned with the cutout for it in the case.
It is off to the side by about 0.5mm and this makes it very difficult to insert the USB plug.
The last time I removed this plug I had to really force things to get it back in.
Several others report this issue over on FB.
Is there a safe way to cut the case a bit so the socket is more accessible?

@anon84912554 is best placed to help you with that as they have the inner layout, they’ll be able to tell where to cut

but do shoot a mail to them as they don’t read all in a timely manner on this forum :

or open a ticket

they’ll help you out quickly

And do tell to the other FB members with the same problem to come over to the forum and or share this topic to them


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If you decide to do it yourself, just watch out for the pushbutton light tube as you pull the circuit board out. It is tiny, and magnetically drawn to deep pile carpeting.

Also, if your Hub is from the batch with the super-bright status LEDs, it may be worth experimenting with a black Sharpie marker on the light tube to see if it can be toned down a bit. Nobody has tried that angle that I know of…


I have a Hub that it is difficult to insert the mini USB plug. It’s a very snug fit once it’s in.


WF support contacted.
My hub has the bright LED.
How do you get the bottom off this thing?

There are screws under the pads.



It happened to me too. I had to realign it for myself. Not a big problem but I’m asking how they could have test it. For sure not with enclosure.

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mine is slightly off the correct position as well, but after noticing it, I was able to get the usb connected anyway.

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Hi Ed. Thanks for the report. This is definitely not normal. We’ve had a handful of similar reports but yours sounds worse than the ones I’m aware of. We are working with our factory to improve QC of this issue for future production.

In the meantime, we’d be happy to send you a new Hub. We do not recommend cutting into or opening the case on your Hub. It was not designed to be serviced by the owner.


One of my two hubs had the same issue. In my case, when viewing the hub while sitting on its base the plug was off to the left. I just inserted the USB cord slightly angled that direction and then straightened it out once it was just in the metal shield of the receptacle.

Incidentally, the screw mount base for the air in that package also had the bottom installed 180 degrees off so the mount hole didn’t align. Support suggested that I just remove the sticker, unscrew it and turn it around. I chose to just cut out the sticker above each of the holes.


Mine is the same way, first thought it was me but read others are experiencing the same issue. Thanks

Hey David, if we did request a new Hub would we have to send in the bad connectioned Hub first and be without a Hub before a new & tested one arrive? Also does WF sell the power blocks? Really enjoying the new WF station! Thanks, Dicky

Till now WF send out the new device without asking to send the old one back BEFORE. Maybe they will ask to send back the non working one … if needed.

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WF has stated in the past that they do not sell/ship power adapters, because the different power grids and outlet styles used around the world quickly become a logistical headache. This is a standard practice in consumer electronics these days. I just un-boxed a portable Bluetooth speaker last night that only came with a MicroUSB cable with no adapter to plug it into…


It’s not like I don’t have a few or more sitting around our home not being used! I seen one somewhere on here but it showed one with the WF logo, looked pretty cool! My hud is working fine, just the connection to the Hub is off centered. Looking forward to see what accessories WF will come up for our stations! Thanks, Dicky

Hi Dicky, if the off-centered connection is really bad and causing issues, we can replace your Hub unit. We’d send you a new one before asking you to return the old one. But if it doesn’t bother you, it shouldn’t be a problem to use.


No issues at all, I can unplug it from the wall if needed. So I will let it ride!!



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