Wind Chill readout

In a future software upgrade Windchill would be a welcome addition. If it’s already there can you point me to it Thanks

Sorry, I should have researched the forum. I found the answer there, with the dew point/heat index/wind chill readings which appear at appropriate conditions

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Glad you were able to find the answer. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find the right topic.


Hello @coyyote,

Just one more comment . . .

The information that you are looking for is always available in the app (or on the Web view) as follows:

There is a button in the upper right corner of the app that toggles between the main display and the “current conditions” page. Here is an example:


And here is the Current Conditions page:


And . . . as you found . . . the Wind Chill and Heat Index will also appear on the main display at appropriate times.

Hope this helps, too.