Airpressuse much too high

ATM about 1000 hPa weatherflow shows 1026 hPa ? no idea since when…

after reset dropped to 1010 hpa but still to high

seems to be ok now ,no idea what happened , the reset of the air should have solved it …

I love it when people solve their own problems :joy:

Maybe the reset triggered a CL … only WF people can tell for sure


I hope so glad it worked Seems the sensors of the air are broken led keeps blinking red battery stays on 3.3 V although I’ve taken them out… after several tries I dont get it working who to contact ???

The red led indicates indeed a bad sensor. WF will most likely send you a new air. But before opening a support ticket, please take out the batteries, wait about 30 seconds and put them back and let it reboot completely. Might solve the problem. If not :

Please open a ticket at or by emailing

They will handle it directly with you (not sure this week end …)

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Strange things going on rhe sky stopped working too , I reset the sky it came up , after that U powered up the air again guess what it keeps blinking green. Used bluetooth for a new setup it seemed the wifi password was lost. Entered the wifi password air up but sky keeps blinking green…

Ghosts around the area :alien: I will try later once again due rain now if no succeed I open a ticket thanks for your advice


Ok have sent a ticket after further investigetion both units are broken both red blinking I noticed the sky was broken too after putting batteries in it and with 3.06 V red blinking after much rain yesterday it seems that water has broken the sensors in the sky and air.
Very pity :neutral_face: :sob:

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Both at the same time? That sounds quite strange.

Did you had such strong weather these couple of km north then me in the Lux-region ?

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Yesterday I had about 25 mm rain and novemer was the wettest month of this year my oher station better view in desktop mode the windaccuracy is not very well I live im the wettest region of the NL not the windiest , I know some parts of France an Italy had more pourdowns lately. But when I looked at the rubber rings the didnt look tight anymore.
So I think rain went in the units and sure it s a strange coincidence.
Seems Murphy never comes alone …


Finally up again :grinning: with help from support and myself really a mess I still dont know if it was due water/rain but I m up again with the same units… hoping it will last too april 2020 for the tempest.

Only thing I cant findd the sk and ar numbers it seems unchanged because weewx is reporting again too can anybody te me where I can find those numbers?

From the web interface, click on the green “online” bubble at the bottom of the main page. Every piece of juicy troubleshooting info is on that page…

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Thats what I thought but it dissapeared ?

Are you logged in ?
Sometime a reboot kicks you of.


Thanks that did it !!! 20 chars :grinning:

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