Firmware Upgrade Crashed My Setup

I’m using my Tempest Weatherflow Station more than a year now and I’m very happy with it. I’m using Home Assistant and the following github integration to collect weather data: GitHub - briis/smartweatherudp: WeatherFlow Smart Weather Component for Home Assistant using UDP Transport

But since today the gathering of data stopped working, my Home Assistant SQLite DB contains only zeros for the differnt types of entities. I assume, that today a new firmware was rolled out which changed the schema layout of how data is reported over the network? My station has Version 156 installed now. This is how a datapoint looks like with this version:

U -> #64

So the hub is reporting data, but the smartweatherudp integration does not update values in my sqlite database, hence I assume that the schema has changed. To be honest until now I wasn’t aware that firmware updates get installed automatically. I’m not really happy that you guys are able to crash my setup remotely and it seems that you also don’t give us information that a new firmware has been rolled out. Of course that also means that there is no changelog. But maybe I was just too stupid to find it? So please correct me if I’m wrong.

Could you guys please give me more informations about that topic. Also I would prefer to disable auto updates for my station.

The api hasn’t changed much since day one and if it does, there is a notice. No breaking changers were made since weeks

Actual firmware is running since quite some time and none has been rolled out or is planned at this point.

Your station is in power safe mode (low battery). Your station didn’t see any decent sun directly on its panels since beginning of the month and the Tempest is trying to hold on and to preserve its battery it went into power saving mode. Your data is not coming in as regularly .
Maybe the script isn’t prepared for the power safe modes and ‘fills’ the periods with 0’s ??
At this rate your Tempest will stop working in a few days. Is it possible to move it so it gets direct sunlight ???

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Hm, interesting… thanks eric. Unfortunately it is not possible to move it to a better location as it’s located in a valley where no sun comes out during the winter period. But as it’s still reporting every 5mins I don’t think that this is the issue. At least last winter it wasn’t a problem but I’m currently looking at it.