Help setting up weather flow

I finally got my weather flow in the mail today but I’m having some issues getting it up and running. I keep getting an error saying no device found. I’ve tried turning on and off the sensor, unplugging the hub and plugging back in, restarting my internet, app, phone, everything. Im not really sure what else to do.Screenshot_20200729-203103_Tempest|236x500

Try sticking a pin / paperclip, etc. into the hole above the LED and pressing and holding for 10+ seconds. That should hard reset the hub and allow you to start the device activation process fresh.

I tried pressing the reset button for 10+ seconds but it does not reset the setup process. I managed to get into the main menu with the weather forecast but I still don’t think the main sensor is connected because it says offline with a red dot at the bottom and when I click on the little sensor icon at the top right it brings me to a blank blue screen…

Hmm… sounds like the hub is feeing a bit better, but the Tempest still isn’t sure about things. Try the process below to reset it next and let’s see. How things look. Also, if you could post your station ID that would help with future troubleshooting. :slight_smile:

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I tried pressing the LED button on the bottom of the Tempest for 10 seconds, but it is still showing as offline. The station ID is 2021.

After resetting the device did you go into:

Settings > Stations > your existing station name > Manage devices > Station name > Advanced > Replace device

If all goes well that should reconnect your Tempest to the hub.

Last, your station ID is a five digit number. You can find it by scrolling to the bottom of the forecast screen in the app and tapping the “share” button.

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Ah I see now… the ID is 25167. And I tried going into the settings, but I do not see a “manage devices” selection. This is all that I see:

That is strange. Your page should look similar to this:

taken from Detailed App instructions

Is the hub powered on? It almost looks like you don’t have your hub setup yet. That has to be done first before connecting the Tempest sensor to it.

Somehow your hub isn’t correctly setup .
In the app go to this page and swipe left on your station name to show the delete button and delete it. From there start fresh.
First your hub needs to be working correctly and only then time to add the Tempest device.


I deleted the station and started setup from the beginning, but now it can’t find the hub at all.

Server side you still have an offline linked hub. Sure it is deleted in your app??
If not I’ll have to ask help from technical department.

Its slowly flashing blue on the back of the hub. I already deleted the station from the app so I could redo the setup process.

should be fixed blue

restart the app on your phone after a force close and also reboot the hub … see if they can see each other ‘normally’

I’ve tried that several times, and still nothing. :confused:

Your hub is linked to your account but shows offline …


To be clear for you the hub does not show in the app ?

This is the step that I keep getting stuck on. It’ll say checking hub connection then say hub not connected.

Indeed not much you can do, let me contact technicians.

Thank you for your help & patience.

Hi @gregorypoole8
Do you have Bluetooth enabled and location services enabled on your Android device?

Yes both are enabled. It looks like my internet went down in my neighborhood a few minutes ago, so I will wait for the internet to come back up to try the setup again.