Multiple forecast tiles - cannot remove

Hi - I have been turning the forecast toggle on/ off to try remove the 2nd forecast tiles I have - now I have 6 forecast tiles and cannot remove them. The phone app seems OK - just the PC based website shows the multiple forecast tabs. Station 2595.
Please help!

Indeed, to much isn’t always better :grin:

Ok most probably you nor me can solve that. I’ll ask someone to go push under the hood to clear this out.

But It will be most probably not before tomorrow as the tech guys, except urgency, are enjoying their Sunday :slight_smile:
I’ll make a note for follow up.

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Did you try to clear the browsers cache and reload the page?

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Yes - I loaded the WEB address in a different browser - same thing.
thanks for your reply…

That is clearly a server side issue since I see the same thing you do.

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I’ve got the same problem on station ID 15783.

I have pushed your problem to the technical guys. Hopefully later today they’ll handle it.


@atkinson.jk @aaronk Both stations forecast card issues have been addressed.



Much appreciated! Thanks for quick response!


Remember to say thanks to Derek as he did the real work :wink: I was just the messenger :wink:


I see its fixed now - dont know Dereks email? I will check the email thread…

Thank you for the quick response - so do we just stay away from changing the forecast card switch to on/off to avoid multiple tiles?


Are you an iOS or Android user? Is tapping the forecast card switch what appears to be duplicating the cards for you? We are working on a backend fit that would prevent it but it would be interesting to know what is causing it for you?


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Hi Derek

Its using Chrome that seems to cause it - if I turn the icon on and then exit and then come back to the same setting it still says the forecast tile is off… then if i turn it on again it just makes a second or third etc tile… heres a screenshot - it was under settings… stations…(john-home)…advanced…

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This is also what caused multiple forecast cards on mine except I was using Safari on a Mac.

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